Reuse shipping materials. Items such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts can be reused to ship gifts and other items.

Find drop-off locations for air wrap. Some post offices and shipping facilities will accept clean shipping materials. (Be sure to call ahead before attempting to drop materials off at your local shipping facility.) When deflated, materials like bubble-wrap can be accepted at collection bins often found at the front of grocery stories. To find a location that accepts deflated Bubble Wrap and Fill-Air products, click here:

Recycle the cardboard box. Most shipping boxes can be recycled. Just be sure to remove all tape and labels before putting it in your recycling container, to be sure it is properly recycled.

Packing peanuts can be dropped off. While its air-filled counterparts (bubble wrap and air pockets) can often be brought to a common drop-off for recycling, loose-fill foam materials such as packing peanuts usually require a dedicated facility. One big player is EPS Industry Alliance Packaging, which has programs all over the United States dedicated to reclaiming, recycling, and reusing loose-fill packaging. To find one of their locations near you, click here:  If you’re unable to find a drop-off location this way, some shipping facilities will also accept packing peanuts for reuse. Just be sure to call ahead before attempting any drop-off, to be sure the materials will be accepted.

Tissue paper should be reused or composted. Tissue paper is often made from recycled materials, leaving it with short fibers that can’t be reprocessed easily. Instead, consider saving and reusing the tissue paper, or composting it.

Foam products can also be dropped off. Foam products, much like packing peanuts, is unable to be recycled traditionally. Instead, consider either reusing it or bringing it to a shipping facility for reuse. (Remember to call ahead before attempting a drop-off, to be sure the material will be accepted at the location.)

Separate mixed materials. Remember to separate materials before attempting to recycle them. If you have a paper envelope with bubble wrap inside of it, separate the paper and plastic so that they can be recycled.

Bubble wrap envelopes can be recycled. If the envelope is made with only plastic materials, then deflate the bubble wrap and bring it to a plastic bag and film drop-off location like you would with plastic bags or shrink wrap. Paper and cardboard envelopes likewise can be put into your regular recycling bin. However, an envelope with mixed materials (for example, a paper envelope exterior and bubble wrap interior) should be separated in order to be recycled in the appropriates processes.