Tips on how to clean Items

  • Items with food  residue, liquids, and other dirty items are NOT recyclable and can contaminate the other recyclables in your blue cart.
  • Rinse Cans, bottles and Jars - Lightly fill container with water and shake until the residue is removed.
  • Sticky peanut butter , jelly or honey containers are NOT recyclable.
  • Shake all bags - All recyclable plastic bags should be shaken clean and free of residue. If they contain food or other residue, they are NOT recyclable and should go in your brown garbage cart.
  • Paper plates, Napkins & Soiled Pizza Boxes are NOT recyclable

Place these clean items in your recycling cart

  • Paper Products: Boxes/Packages, Cardboard, Colored Paper, Construction Paper, Copy paper
  • Metals: Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Pie Tins, Pet Food Cans, Steel Cans, Tin Cans (please rinse all items)
  • Plastic Products: #1 and #2 ONLY
  • Glass Jars and Bottles: (please rinse all items)

How to clean

Steps for cleaning your recyclables

First determine if your item is recyclable or non-recyclable. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE LIST OF RECYCLABLES AND NON-RECYCLABLES

Scrape all food residue, scraps and empty liquid out of the container before washing

Wash out all containers AND LIDS with a sponge, cloth or by shaking the container to eliminate all residue. Deposit into your recycling container only when the item is CLEAN of all food contaminates and the lid is deposited separately from the container.

Throw away heavily soiled items such as grease-stained cardboard, pizza boxes, jars containing peanut butter, jam, jelly, honey or other sticky items. These are not recyclable and can contaminate the other cleaned items in your recycling container.

REMEMBER plastic garbage bags are NOT RECYCLABLE so empty your recyclables directly into the recycling container WITHOUT any plastic bags.