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Kish Rajan on California Recycling Crisis

#1-5 and #7 Plastics are Now Recyclable!

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Clean paper products, clean plastic products, and more!
Reuse shipping materials. Items such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts can be reused to ship gifts and other items.
Educate your class, family, organization or team about recycling and the new methods of recycling correctly.

Recycle Today!

It all starts with you.

Recycling has evolved and so have the markets for recyclable materials. Overseas companies, mainly in China, have recently announced a ban on certain types of recyclables and will no longer accept recyclables that are not properly cleaned.

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery (MDRR), and nearly every recycler throughout the United States, is now burdened with these new restrictions that limit specific items accepted as recyclable and requiring only clean recyclables be exported overseas to be recycled. This challenge has left our company and the recycling industry as a whole with the task of re-educating the public on recycling, while at the same time, looking for new markets for the processing of recyclable materials.

California-based Garaventa Enterprises, the parent company of MDRR, has announced a new, first-of-its kind educational program called Recycle CLEAN America™. This urgently needed program strives to re-educate the public, here locally in Northern California, and across the United States on new recycling procedures. It is our goal to continue to recycle as much material as possible to keep it from going to the landfill. Initiatives include education on:

  • The need for CLEAN recyclables and, specifically, tips on properly cleaning recyclables
  • The NEW list of items that are recyclable, which may not include other items we have traditionally been putting in our recycling bins

Clean America Today

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